da Vinci 3D Camera

Standard laparoscopic images are obtained by a single camera that provides 2D views. This is a method similar to the view provided by your TV which has no sense of depth. However, da Vinci robotic surgery system is comprised of 2 fiber optic high-resolution cameras extending to your each eye separately. Thus, surgeon is provided 3D view with a sense of depth. Moreover, those cameras can magnify the operation field x10-12 times. The most advanced type of this system, high-definition, can be found only in da Vinci S robotic surgery system. In conclusion this system provides sense of depth and enables surgeon to see the operation field better and in more detail.

da Vinci Robotic Surgical System

da Vinci Surgical Instruments

Robotic surgical instruments are designed with 7 degrees of freedom. The end points of those instruments can rotate around themselves with 540 degrees of motion and mimick the dexterity of human wrist. However, those instruments are smaller than human hands which allows them to reach points where human hands can not.

da Vinci Robotik Cerrahi Sistemi

Surgeon Console

The surgeon operates while seated comfortably at a console viewing 3D image of the surgical field and controlling the robotic instruments. Contrary to the open and laparoscopic procedures, in this system surgeon performs the operation seated. Thus, surgeon can conduct even the longest procedures without feeling exhaustion.

da Vinci Robotik Cerrahi Sistemi

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